Monday, September 16, 2013

On the clock

Well, I find myself in totally unfamiliar territory. Today is my due date and there is not even really a hint of any labor going on. I thought that second babies were supposed to slip out all easy-peasy early?

Marlo was obliging enough to be born at 9:32 on the morning she was expected. Quite prompt, that one. Now her little sister is unwittingly - or worse, contrarily - positioning herself as the anti-Marlo.  The one with her own schedule and plan of action. This is not winning her any points in the favorite child sweepstakes, that's for sure.

I guess it's not the worst thing that could happen, getting an extra day or two. This afternoon I managed to make an extra dinner for later this week. I never quite got around to the whole batch-cooking-freezer-meals plan that I eyeballed in my eighth month, but I probably could have told you that was never going to happen even as I was saying I was going to do it and setting up the Pinterest board. That is just too far a stretch of organizational skills for me.

Hopefully the next time I see you I have a baby and raging out of control post-partum hormones.

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Layne said...

You could go for the triple threat, and have a terrific case of mastitis as well! Hope your delivery goes well--I assume you already have the dolphin birthing pool set up?