Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Various confessions

I did make the cupcakes and I did fill them, and they were fantastic. Then I made three dozen more cupcakes for Marlo's second birthday party of the week. These ones I did not fill.  Strange, but it turned out that three dozen was overkill for 10 children and their non-pregnant parent escorts. So now I have about six frozen unfrosted cupcakes, six frosted cupcakes in the fridge waiting to be eaten when the mood strikes me, and three unfrosted cupcakes sitting on the counter waiting to either become frozen or eaten cupcakes.

Oh, and did I also mention the strawberry roll cake, or the half of it that is left, also in the fridge?

My glucose test is a week from today.

Want to know two things about me that will make you feel like you are a better person than I am?

1.    I am dreading having to breastfeed this new baby
2.    I want to get rid of my 13 year old dog.

There! Enjoy judging me.