Monday, January 24, 2011

I would have written a snappy conclusion, but the baby's screaming

I've got a rock in my craw. Or whatever the appropriate colloquialism is for "I'm feeling pretty frustrated."

This whole BPA thing. I'm having trouble deciding where the line is between "sensible concern" and "paranoid hyper-paranoia." Like, okay, I get it. BPA leaches out of plastic and into food, and that's probably bad for us. So we all threw out our $24.99 BPA-laden water bottles and got new, shiny $24.99 BPA-free bottles. Hooray! Problem solved, right? No. Because we are not supposed to eat things out of cans, because cans (turns out) are lined with plastic that leaches BPA into the food. Oh. Right.

Okay, so up until the time I get really good at canning without growing botulism spores and spend all of August putting up all of the tomato product we could possibly go through in the year, what am I supposed to do? Not use canned tomato product? That eliminates about 75% of the meals that I regularly prepare for my family. And what about beans? Am I really supposed to go all 19th century and have a bean pot a-boilin' on the stove at all times? Or wait, isn't it Mondays that are for sheets and bean cooking? I can't remember. All I know is I'm trying to break my habit of rinsing the bean can out over the beans in the colander, a process I have recently dubbed "getting all the BPA goodness."

It's just frustrating. It's like it wasn't bad enough when Martha Stewart was telling you you weren't doing it pretty enough, now it's like you're not doing it not killing your family enough. Here I am, buying somewhere around 85% organic, unprocessed foods, making nearly everything that we eat, yet I'm still doing it wrong. I call shenanigans.


Layne said...

For reals.

By the way, your shampoo and laundry soap and lip gloss are running into the ocean and making boy/girl frogs. In case you needed another thing to keep you up at night.

Mavis said...

glass jars