Friday, March 16, 2012

What am I gonna do, said I been needin' you

Poor blog, mama's been gone for so long. Just you, me, and the tumbleweeds now.

I would have been updating like a good little writer, but I have been busy having crazy life adventures. In sum, I have:

  • Finished the cleanse (and by "finished" I mean "made it 26 and-a-half days and then went out to a dinner resplendent with wine, meat, cheese, and dessert");
  • Lost 10 pounds in total over the course of said 26.5 days;
  • Found out I got to go to Los Angeles and attend the world premiere of The Hunger Games; 
  • Went on a red carpet-readiness shopping spree;
  • Flew to Los Angeles and attended said movie premiere as a guest of Lionsgate, complete with Wolfgang Puck catered after party attended by such luminaries as Stephen Baldwin; and
  • Flew home the next day having gained back two pounds already.

So you see, I've been terribly busy. And unfortunately for you and for the growth of readership of this blog, I am the type who prefers to be present in the moment rather than behind a camera or writing stuff down. I wish I was more the type to live blog from my smartphone or whatever, but I'm not. Hopefully Marlo turns out the same way so she understands why her early years are so poorly documented.

Now my mother in law is here for the week, which at least means that I get to work out every day. A grandmother who only sees her grandchild twice a year makes for a fantastic babysitter. 


Ei said...

Say what! How did you get to go to the Hunger Games premiere? My 5th wedding anniversary is March 24th, and I'm forcing my poor husband to go see it. I figure there should be enough violence to keep him entertained. Sounds like a fun time, despite the two pounds. Make the most of your mother in law!

tipsybaker said...

What Ei said -- you went to the Hunger Games premiere? How was it?
I wish I'd been reading your blog this past month on the subject of the cleanse. I was on a similar journey and had some of the same thoughts. Am trying to eat the way I was eating on the diet MOST of the time, but it's a struggle once you stop the full press.