Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving +4

Here it is, the day that separates the men from the boys. The pros from the amateurs. The day when you ask yourself, "can I really stomach another turkey sandwich?"

The brave will answer, "yes."

I have eaten turkey exclusively since Friday 3pm. There is a gap in my consumption because my parents are stingy bastards and don't share the leftovers from their bird. This means I have to come home and cook a whole turkey before I can enjoy a sandwich. And we all know the sandwich is the best part. Most of my leftovers-meals consist of a turkey sandwich with a giant plate of sides. Because what the meal needs is more carbs.

Mo had an idea for a Leftovers Burrito that was intriguing, but ultimately too "out there" of an idea for us to try. We tend to be pretty strict conservatives when it comes to Thanksgiving leftovers.

In other news, I'm buzzing my head tomorrow. Hopefully this is a good idea and not something I came up with while turkey drunk. If I'm going to have to pick up my hair from all over the place, it might as well be shorter pieces.

EDIT: I lied. I forgot about my Red Mill burger on Saturday! But other than that, all turkey all the time.


Layne said...

I was so tempted to buzz my head after having babies, but I wussed out. So instead I just looked like a giraffe with mange. c

Unknown said...

Lexie is going to freak when you tell her you are chopping!
And, we got ZERO leftovers from both houses! I however, do not know how to cook a turkey so we just bought a roasted chicken at Safeway and made potatoes, etc.

lori said...

you're not actually buzzing it are you?

Mavis said...

"My parents are stingy bastards and don't share the leftovers from their bird."

I figured if we didn't show up this year they might let people go home with a sliver of turkey in a ziplock baggie...Apparently I was wrong.

Next year I'm cooking a turkey... bringing it to Thanksgiving... and naming it the "leftovers" turkey... maybe that will shame them into sharing...

Tori said...

@Mavis, that's actually not a bad idea...Maybe we should both do it. :)

@L. girl- the chicken is actually a better idea. I'm really sick of turkey.

@Lori - You're totally picturing that la leche league lady, right? I'm not doing that. More like a mullet. How awesome would that be?