Thursday, November 18, 2010


I remember now! The guy who decided sweet potatoes were a good idea for a first food. Sweet potatoes, that stain everything within 50 feet bright orange. Sweet potatoes, with their extra sticky starchiness. Yes. That was the other winner of misogynist of the day. The guy (or lady) who thinks it is funny to get sweet potato all over my house.

I will address the irony of my own misogyny in my misogynist of the day posts in a later post.

There's a fatal flaw in my "cry it out" plan. That would be the fact that the baby's still sleeping in my stupid bedroom. Which is to say that the past two nights we sat there in the dark listening to her go EHHHHHHHHHH for 45 minutes or so. Finally I got up and snuck her pacifier back in her mouth, hoping that wouldn't count as "going to her." I plan on rolling her pack n' play down the hall to her room this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend. It seems not so much like today is Friday, but definitely like tomorrow should be Saturday. Not really sure what the difference there is, but it exists.

Which reminds me of my favorite of the Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy: If you ever drop your keys in a river of molten lava, let 'em go, because, man, they're gone.

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