Monday, September 19, 2011

in the name of science

I'm thinking of starting a rather ambitious little lifestyle project.

After spending a weekend talking to people about their various dietary limitations, mostly self-imposed, and reading this blog post this morning, I am thinking about taking several different 10 day diet challenges back to back. Like, 10 days meat free, then 10 dairy free, then 10 gluten get the point. I just want to have spent some time on each of these programs so that I know when to roll my eyes and when to nod knowingly.

But I have so many unknowns at this point. Like, is 10 days enough? Would seven be enough? Lots of the "Go (insert food product here) Free!" websites seem to suggest 10 day trials. Ten days sounds like a lot if things are going poorly. And to truly judge the results, would I have to take some down time in between trials? I don't want to be getting into the delicious holiday season with a bunch of stupid self-inflicted restrictions on me. Winter is for eating and storing blubber in case of nuclear holocaust, period.

And what about overcompensating for missing certain foods with eating other foods? What if I were to miss cheese so much that I made up for it by drinking a fifth of whiskey every night? I mean, that would probably interfere with my results.

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Layne said...

I think to truly know what those diets do to your system you're going to need a month on each, with a month of re-toxing, if you will, to re-establish norms.

Just my opinion. I myself have considered a sugar fast, just to see if when I started eating it again I'd be all "Whoa, this is way too sweet!" Probably not.