Tuesday, September 13, 2011

That explains it

Whoa. I just tried the new blogger interface and my mind is blown. How long has this been an option?

Of course, I just read that blogger is a dead/dying website because nobody gives a crap about blogs anymore. Nobody wants to read them and nobody wants to write them. That's what the, um, BLOG post I was reading said, anyways.

I do love twitter and all, but I love it for being the perfect medium for funny little snarky comments. I have severe twitter performance anxiety, because so much depends on those 140 characters. You have to get it right. Plus, I feel like I need like 3 different aliases, so that I can tweet to a target audience. I've got plenty of funny sports commentary to make while watching sporting events, but that's going to bore the shit out of people not watching the same game. For instance.

I'm kind of scared of becoming too involved with twitter, too. It was bad enough back in the day when your facebook status had to start "Tori is" and half my thoughts throughout the day started that way. Of course I mostly think in snarky comments anyway, so it probably wouldn't make that big of a difference. 

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