Friday, April 16, 2010

34 Weeks

Two people told me this week that I don't look like I could possibly make it another six whole weeks. This caused me anxiety at first, until I remembered that people are always saying this to pregnant ladies and it is just code for "my GOD you are big as a house."

But really, the fact that the baby is medium-well at this point just blows my mind. Only three more weeks and I'm - or she's - full term.

I had a mild scare today. I was chatting away at Husband on the phone when suddenly my vision went blurry. It went from "huh, that's weird, I feel like I'm looking through water" to "OH MY GOD IT'S GETTING DARK I'M GETTING SLEEPY IS THIS DYING?!?!" over the course of a half an hour or so. My OB had me go to my regular Doctor who had me see the Opthalmologist - sending me down the hallway with a reassuring "I'm nervous that you've thrown a clot." I had time to wait then, visualizing the imminent emergency C-section, the coma into which I would surely slip, and the tearful bedside vigil of my friends and family.

There was no clot. I ended up being diagnosed with an optical migrane, something that apparently I can expect to have happen again. Hurray! Here's to hoping they stay of the optical variety and that I don't suddenly develop real migrane headaches - just to make the last six weeks more enjoyable than already promised.

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