Tuesday, April 13, 2010

At least I don't have hemmorrhoids

Some random things I wanted to tell you about:

1. The nursery is getting closer to done. My vision may have been a little on the grand side - at least for my personal handyman skills. Luckily I have generous helpers. I can't wait for the big reveal.

2. My sister's puppy was over today. She weighs approximately one pound, 14 ounces. My 18 pound cat Meester spent the whole day hiding from her. This does not bode well for his reaction to having a baby in the house.

3. Baby girl has spent the past 24 hours or so throwing 'bows into my left side. It feels like I swallowed a chicken wing bone. Not really very cool.

4. Speaking of not very cool, I am not entirely convinced that I will make it through the duration of this pregnancy without dislocating my right hip. Every single time I get up from sitting or lying down and put my weight on it, it totally buckles. I limp and hobble to the tune of my husband's laughter. We'll see if he's still laughing when my leg snaps off, shoots across the room, and hits him in the face.

5. The second couple from our birth class to have their baby had their baby the other day. There were only nine of us couples in the class to begin with. It has occurred to me that I might actually give birth to a baby as well.


Leopard Girl said...

Best nursery ever.

It's me ...Mavis said...

Tell the husband that if your leg snaps off we have duck tape... in a variety of colors :)