Thursday, April 1, 2010

32 Weeks

My due date is eight weeks from today. Go ahead and freak out a little bit, I sure did.

There's a preview of her little Chopita face. It's blurry and you have to try and look through it kinda like one of those 3D posters to see it, but there she is. The disfigurement looking thing between her eyes is actually placenta (or maybe just uterine wall, I can't remember), and you can see how she is holding the cord to her mouth. Either she's quite the little snuggler or she has her momma's appetite.

In other news. The other day one of the cats stepped on my belly particularly hard and Chopita decided to head for the hills. By head for the hills I mean she curled herself way deep and low in my belly. I am getting jabbed with one body part of hers or another all the way over in my left hip. It feels like a foot. I am not going to be pleased if that cat made my perfectly well-aligned, head-down baby go breech. Although I guess she's got plenty of time for another flip.


It's me ...Mavis said...

Looks like popcorn to me... even when I squint. Don't you have a better picture?

BTW... I enjoyed some awkward silence today... and thought of you :)

dreaming and breathing said...

Cute! And only slightly creepy! :)

nom nom nom.... Umbilical cord.... So tasty.