Saturday, April 24, 2010

A pretty nice little Saturday, actually

We hit up Home Depot for the closet system for the nursery. Ran out of time for Bed Bath & Beyond, though.

Ah, I can't go to Home Depot on a weekend without thinking about Old School and feeling a little bit lame, like some prior version of myself is laughing somewhere. The one with the hangover and the inexplicably inside-out pants.

Then again, I've also found myself with Dogwood envy. What I mean by that (in case you yourself are cool and have no idea what I could possibly be talking about) is that I have a rather sickly Dogwood tree in my front yard, and when I see someone else with a beautiful vivacious one in their yard I am jealous. So maybe a trip to Home Depot is the least of my worries.

These are the sorts of interests (errands, botany) that I attributed to middle age a decade ago. So was I just ignorant back then, or have I settled into a middle age groove without realizing it? Don't answer that.

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It's me ...Mavis said...

Sadly... we are all becoming old people... I personally can't wait for the hip replacement!