Friday, May 7, 2010

I felt that one

Looky, kids, you know what that is? That's a contraction! Not a very good or efficient one, but one that you can feel nonetheless. I know this because I saw that little spike on the bottom there just as I was thinking OW OW OW.

I got hooked up to the fetal monitor on Wednesday because Little Miss decided she wanted to sleep all morning, which caused me enough concern that I gave in and called the doctor, and the doctor had me come in for a Non-Stress Test. Of course she woke up in the car on the way downtown and was perfectly fine all along. Of course my doctor had to go and deliver a baby in the middle of this, so my 20 minutes on the machine turned into an hour and twenty. But better to be safe than sorry and all that.

It was kind of cool to get hooked up and watch the contractions go by, especially once it was established that the baby was fine and dandy and behaving entirely appropriately for a TERM FETUS. The actual painful knot-below-the-belly-button ones come a little more often now, but not so often that I don't have to remind myself every time that that's what it is. I often wonder at first why I'm getting a tummy ache. Uh, doi.

So basically now we just wait. I have wrapped up most of my loose ends, but I do still need some stuff - like bathing supplies. I have no baby bathing supplies. This may have something to do with my subconscious desire to avoid bathing the baby until she is a year old. First bath just always looks so horrible for everybody involved.

For the most part though, I think we have enough stuff and books and internet access to keep the kid alive were she to be born this afternoon. However I hope she'll hold off at least two days - Husband has big rowdy plans tonight and I really would rather not be The One With That Drunk/Hungover Guy on the L&D floor.

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Leopard Girl said...

I personally think a drunk brother at the hospital would be FABULOUS. Phylis Donahue Kidney!