Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day is a good racket

I had intended to bitch and moan about the stupid head cold that is robbing me of my last days of pregnancy in this post - but my inaugural Mother's Day was so great that I feel like too much of a brat doing that.

But I will just state, for the record, that this cold has been rather unpleasant and I hate it.

Enough about things I hate. On to things I love. Like Husband. Have I mentioned that he is the best ever? Not only did he make me pancakes, but he went to Starbucks and got me coffee cake. So I started my morning with the coffee cake course and moved on to the pancakes and bacon course.

He also got me flowers and presents. Here is the awful photograph I took of what was waiting for me when I got out of bed.

I blame the off-center crookedness on the fact that my equilibrium was so off from my ears being totally clogged that I was listing to the right all day.

I also got presents from my parents and my sister, and cards and texts from friends. Random strangers wished me a happy Mother's Day. What a racket! A whole extra day where people have to be nice to you and do what you want. Totally right up my alley.

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It's me ...Mavis said...

I don't think I've ever seen Iceman wear glasses... Hmmm I'll have to add contact cleaning solution to your freebie list.