Monday, May 31, 2010

She's Here!

The Baby Formerly Known As Pork Chop arrived right on time.

Little Miss Marlo Madeleine was born on Thursday, May 27th at 9:32 am. She weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces and was 19 and a quarter inches long. She has become exponentially more beautiful and amazing every minute since her arrival. Even the moments that have completely sucked have been better than I ever imagined.

Gee, looking at this picture, can you tell which one of us went through nine hours of unmedicated labor and childbirth and which one watched? The nine hours from midnight to nine a.m., mind you, the ones where you would normally be sleeping. And yes, you saw that right, I said unmedicated. But I'm not going to claim I'm a hero - at least not on Memorial Day. Maybe tomorrow.

I have lots and lots to say about the whole experience, and I hope to say it soon. I will have to make the time between applying dibucaine to my maxi pad and stuffing bags of frozen peas in my nursing bra - but stay tuned if you want the gory details.


It's me ...Mavis said...


dreaming and breathing said...


Have you done the frozen diaper trick? So soothing. :)
And tucks pads are also lovely.

Unknown said...

Ah yes, tucks pads. I had to deliver those to Casey once :) The young man at Target was thrilled to help me find them.