Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Domestic goddess, I ain't

You were probably thinking that I have been way too busy playing with my new chickens to post, but you were totally wrong. I do have at least a shred of common sense, but mostly a new-found phobia of commitment to the life and upkeep of other living beings. I am taking baby steps, seeing if I can actually get some herbs planted and cared for before I get myself into domesticated fowl. Plus, I have to go see Paul McCartney in Vegas in two weeks, so I should probably not get chickens before that.

In other news, it's Marlo's first birthday on Friday, so I have been busy procrastinating about getting anything done for her party. We're having a taco bar and I need to draw up a tablescape, but I hate that word so much that all I do is sit around thinking about how much I hate Sandra Lee and her booze-fueled attempts to convince Americans to go to Tuesday Morning and buy a closet full of crap for decorating the kitchen each season.

Which reminds me of how much I love Tina Fey, for the cameo by Ina Garten in the 30 Rock finale in which she mentioned that Jeffrey was away. Oh Tina, thank God I can count on you to make that joke. And bonus points for Ina Garten turning out to maybe be a good sport. She may move up a spot on my "most tolerable food network hosts" list. The field isn't too competitive.


Susan said...

My favorite Ina-ism is "How bad can THAT be?". And, yes, she is the best food show host... Well, she's tied with that guy who used to do the Low-Cal cooking show who just went to prison for hiring a hitman to kill his wife.

Don't worry about the tablescape. Just tablescape the table with a bunch of beer bottles, wine bottles and glasses of margaritas and no one will notice the decorations.

Mavis said...

I have a singing sombrero chip and dip bowl I can bring for your "table scape".