Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Thoughts

Because writing out a whole (semi) coherent post just sounds waayy too exhausting.

I'm beginning to wonder if I want one of those belly bra things. I like having spandexy material over my bump. Usually it comes in the form of the top of my maternity jeans or else in a stretchy Target camisole I have been wearing 9 days out of 10. A lot of times both. I'm carrying low and I find if I support myself from underneath my back feels momentarily better. So belly bra. Maybe.

Speaking of maternity jeans, I have just about outgrown my favorite pair. The full panel top has turned to a demi. That gives me a very unflattering seam line across the middle of my belly. Not a fan. So now the question is, how much more money do I spend and on what? I just invested $26.99 in a pair of sweatpants. That may just about do the trick, I don't know.

What else is comfortable? Giant t-shirts. The sort that you get free with purchase or used to be your dad's or whatever, that are always some sort of boxy "large" that was only ever good for sleeping in. Now they fit snugly around the belly and are great for lounging about the house.

What's uncomfortable? Going to the store and buying three half gallons of ice cream. Here's how that went:

Checkout clerk: "Big plans tonight?"
Me: "Nope."

Followed by fifteen seconds of awkward silence until he told me the total, I signed in the little box and then forced myself to look him in the eye and say thank you before scurrying out the door before I saw anyone I knew. Aw, I just love being a big pregnant cliche all the time.


It's me ...Mavis said...

I think you are the QUEEN OF AWKWARD SILENCE... I actually laughed out loud on that one :)

Tori said...

I do kind of enjoy the awkward silence...since I experience it so much I've learned to ride it out, whereas it just makes other people SO uncomfortable... :)