Thursday, February 10, 2011

Googling "Jim Henson"

Just to put a cherry on top of my week, I think I caught the skeevy Apple store guy's skeevy cold. I am so over being sick! I haven't been 100% since Thanksgiving.

I would say I've lost my will to live, but that would be melodramatic and completely the opposite of true. I've recently heard another one of those totally tragic stories about a woman dying young that reminds you that you should be totally and completely grateful for every second of life that you get.

I think I must be at about the apex of my susceptibility to those stories - being in my early thirties with a young child and whatnot. When you're 17 you're not really affected because you are young and invincible and it will never happen to you. When you're 50 you've probably heard a bunch of those stories, and some of your friends and acquaintances have probably died tragically already. But when you are a young mother you feel intensely vulnerable to tragedy and so hearing about one shakes you to your core. That's my hypothesis, anyway.

So that's my deep thought for the day. Now back to treating my illness with M&Ms and Bravo. Poor Marlo also has a runny nose. I am treating her illness with frequent trips to her crib so that I might implement my own treatment more effectively. Mom of the year!

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