Thursday, February 3, 2011

Suddenly, an intense craving for cheeseburgers

Funny that a theme in my little blogiverse this week seems to be the insufferability of preachy lifestyle people, because I just saw a particularly insufferable lady on Oprah. And it wasn't even Oprah! The preachy lady, aka The Veganist, cannot tell an animal his right to a dignified life is less important than her appetite.

Of course, the underlying message in this statement I have just paraphrased for you is that you are an asshole because you think your love of bacon is more important than Miss Piggy's right to frolic.

It was fun to see Michael Pollan sit next to this lady and try not to roll his eyes. I mean, seriously.  I struggle with the ethics of consuming meat and other animal products. We buy everything all organic and free-range and whatnot - although I have not yet bought one of those ridiculous $20 heritage chickens. The Veganist's argument is that not all Americans can afford to buy food responsibly like I can - so therefore they should go vegan.

Cut to the Veganist loading a Harpo staffer's Whole Foods cart full of probably $700 worth of Tofurkey products. Shouldn't someone who calls herself the Veganist have a better plan than highly processed meat substitutes? Is it really better for the environment to produce and consume fake meat? Is it really more cost effective? Am I just being insufferably obtuse and defensive of my elitist meat eating lifestyle?

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Layne said...

No. She is full of poo.