Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Someday, I will be that crazy person

Sooo. The weekend with my mother in law. It was fabuu. Luckily she left yesterday, thus avoiding a weather-induced extension of her visit. I was able to spend extra time futzing around the internet and indulge in 30 minute showers, so all in all it was a good five days. We have two weeks to recover and then it's my parents' turn to test the bonds of our marriage.

In the mean time. Tomorrow is Marlo's first Kindermusik class, which is really more for me than her. I mean, if she learns sign language that's great and all, but mostly I like paying for an activity for which I have to get dressed and actually leave the house. Plus I'm hoping that she will pass on her sign language knowledge to her future sibling(s). Maybe I will have a miracle baby that will communicate by sign language at like five weeks old and then, THEN who will scoff at baby sign language class?

I'll tell you who. The old me. I used to be very anti-baby sign language. I thought everyone who did it was a moron or an idiot, probably both. Mostly because I knew a pair of idiot parents who thought every time their stupid kid pointed at something it was "her sign" for whatever that object was. If you see me start acting like that, please punch me in the face.


Layne said...

Those Parents suck and I hate them.

That being said, though, I found that a select few signs did wonders for teaching a few manners and fending off frustrated tantrums. Please, Thank You, More, and All Done.

That's it.

Tori said...

Currently, Marlo knows "milk" - or at least she knows to open and shut her fists at me when she wants something. So far it's her multi-purpose sign, and so technically I deserve that punch in the face.

kacy faulconer said...

Have fun participating in Kindermusik. This will include such activities as "rocking," "skipping," and "rowing." In the end, it pushed me past my limits.