Monday, February 28, 2011

Enough about the Oscars already

Well, we're back now from a week with my parents. I would have blogged about it at the time, but what with the house only protected by a pair of cats I thought it best not to advertise our absence.

The trip was pretty okay, plenty of Gangee and Pop Pop time for Marlo. Unfortunately there was also plenty of silent judging and failure to honor wishes done by a certain person who shall remain nameless. But I did get to go back to bed until nine or so most mornings, so I guess I should shut my mouth and quit complaining. And it couldn't have been all bad, since we're probably going back for another week in April.

I had lots of good ideas while I was away, so hopefully I will be filling this space with hilarity and witticisms soon. If I can remember any of my ideas, that is.


Layne said...

Oh, do you really call them Gangee and Pop Pop? Because that would be my favorite.

Tori said...

Yes. Yes we do. It started as a joke and now it's stuck. Marlo even will say "bop bop" when I say "Pop Pop" to her. :)