Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The sugar betes

Yesterday was the big day, the day of reckoning. I had my monthly doctor's visit and had to drink the glucola.

What's glucola, you say? Glucola is kind of like thick, flat orange soda. At least mine was orange flavor. It is sort of like hummingbird food for pregnant ladies, designed to spike your blood sugar so they can see whether or not your pancreas is still feeling cooperative.

The only listed side effects of glucola are nausea and vomiting. Terrific, I said, I wonder if the test works if you vomit bright orange vomit everywhere before the hour between drinking and testing is up. Husband said he was guessing not, which led to my next question - how the hell did they think they were going to convince me to drink it AGAIN if such an event were to occur?

Luckily, there was no vomit. I did feel high on the car ride to the doctor's - totally couldn't follow the simple conversation we were having (no idea what it was now). I felt slightly nauseous, but not nearly as bad as back in the days of morning sickness.

AND - I got my blood drawn sitting up, like a big kid! Usually I have to lie down.

So now we wait. I am living in fear that the phone will ring and the nurse will tell me I failed the glucola test and have to take the next one. That requires fasting. That requires multiple blood draws and more glucola. Yesterday I had to "fast" for an hour and a half before I drank the glucola, and I thought the wait between then and when I could get to Burgermaster after my appointment was going to kill me. A 12 hour fast followed by three hours of glucola and blood draws MIGHT actually do me in.


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