Monday, February 22, 2010

You know, I might just be pregnant

I stopped into my local neighborhood drugstore this afternoon for some Pepcid AC and two bags of Easter candy.

On my way home from pilates.

Yeah, and I busted into the Reese's Eggs on the 1/2 mile drive home.

This explicitly pregnant lady behavior led me to have my first public pregnancy conversation, when the cashier looked at me while ringing up the lady in front of me in line and said, "so when ya due?" The three of us ladies proceeded to talk weight gain and baby size for the duration of our transactions. Cashier lady also told me that having a lot of heartburn means the baby is going to be born with lots of hair.

I think it may also mean that mom should lay off the chocolate.


It's me ...Mavis said...

Was the husband a hairy headed baby?
Where do people come up with this stuff? Oh... BTW... my HH made a point of telling me on Saturday that he was "wearing his work pant's" Sadly they were not acid washed nor did they have tapered legs... but when he sat down to eat dinner he did unbutton the top button. Yep, he's one classy guy.

Also... he wanted to know if there will be a poker party in the wine room for the guys during the baby shower. (I have junk food I can donate)

Leopard Girl said...