Friday, March 12, 2010

My daughter is difficult - Imagine that.

Today was The Big Day - I had my 3D ultrasound appointment this morning.

Only problem being the fact that Chopita is clearly her mother's daughter. Girl has her own agenda.

Baby Girl is, in fact, a baby girl. We got another really clear shot of her privates and nothing has sprouted there since January. I've got a crystal clear 3D image of her labia that I will save for showing her friends some day when she is being an obnoxious tween.

Seeing her face was a bit more problematic. She has her head wedged deep down in my pelvis. The ultrasound tech gave me a concerned look upon seeing this positioning and asked me, "is she hurting you?" Um, yeah. The answer to your question is YES. So now I have an explanation for the crippling hip pain I've been feeling on my right side for the past few weeks. It is my sweet daughter, putting all of her weight on my hip joint.

Besides the fact that she is balled up in the corner, it was difficult to see her because she was sucking on the umbilical cord. That was pretty cute. She was holding it up to her mouth and gumming it, and then she licked it, and then she kind of dropped her arms down, rolled over, and curled up like it was time for a nap. We never got to see her whole face, because she was totally rammed up against the placenta. The ultrasound tech said that lots of babies like to snuggle their placentas. Another cute-slash-kind of creepy thing.

Sooo long story shorter, no good pictures today, but we were invited back for a redo- hopefully in another 12 days she will feel more like humoring her parents. In the meantime I have to pay super close attention to what I eat that makes her active and be sure to eat lots of it before my appointment. If I have to have ice cream for breakfast, so be it.


It's me ...Mavis said...

hmmm... I wonder how I could sew a placenta for her to snuggle with?

Tori said...

Mavis, my childbirth instructor has one made out of fleece...maybe I could ask her for the pattern. :)

It's me ...Mavis said...

I would think a lambskin hide in the bassinet would do the trick.