Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's like a subscription that auto-renews

I have something to say that might have you questioning my sanity. But I'm going to say it anyway and then try and explain myself out of it.

I just now realized that Marlo is going to be more than a year old someday. Like I just realized she is going to turn 13 months. And then 14 months. And then 15 months. You get the idea. Despite the fact that we've been discussing 529 accounts and talking about how old we want Marlo to be when she gets a sibling, I just now managed to think of her as a more-than-one-year-old.

Not really the first time this has happened, either. I had no concept of her ever being older than six months old, back in the days where she was just a pooping, spitting-up blob. Babies who were six months old sat up and played and crawled and made word sounds. Funny that I didn't think she was a blob back then. But now that she's a cruising, crawling, social butterfly of a little menace, I realize how totally boring she was. By comparison! Not at the time.

The Menace in action
So I guess what I'm saying is that I get the abstract concept that Marlo is going to grow up and be a real person...but the concrete reality hits me in the face incrementally. I am going to have a toddler in less than three months. Holy Christ. Didn't I just have that baby? 

And no, this navel gazing was not one of my great post ideas. You're welcome.

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