Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cell block six, or as I call it, "the living room"

Our home now has that cozy "jail cell" feeling we were trying for, what with the baby gates finally getting installed.

The classiest part is the plastic we had to zip-tie to the banister, what with it's mid-century foot between the spindles aesthetic. No wait, the classiest part is the cardboard box we wedged in the four inch gap between the floor and the bottom rail. The funniest part is the fact that the cats don't seem to understand the concept of clear plastic and keep trying to get through the banister.

The bestest part is how I can lock myself and the baby in the kitchen and lock the dog out, or vice versa. It's going to help me regain some of my much needed personal space, since it is at such a premium lately.

Case in point: Marlo spent fifteen minutes marching in place on my foot and pulling on my pant leg yesterday. She didn't want my attention, she was just playing. She likes to have a foot in constant contact with my body. Someday I will miss it, they tell me.

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