Monday, March 28, 2011

Random thoughts on random music superstars

For some inexplicable reason, and without my requesting it, my brain has recalled about 50% of that Garth Brooks song "The River." At least I think that's what it's called. I'm not sure because I am not and have never been a Garth Brooks fan, which makes the fact that this song is suddenly running through my head even more of a psychological anomaly. Ironic, I think, that a guy who wrote a song all about not giving up on your dreams would give up on the whole alter-ego concept because of a failure to lose enough weight to look like a rock star. Or maybe it was that his dream wasn't really to be a creepy weird goth dude.

Well, I think that's plenty about Garth Brooks. Seriously. On a related note, I'm not sure how Lady Gaga can claim that Born This Way isn't a complete rip-off of Express Yourself, seeing as how I get Express Yourself stuck in my head all day every time I hear the Gaga song. But maybe that's because I'm a cranky old lady and Lady Gaga was two when Madonna was in the cone boobs and pinstripes phase.

It's okay, Gaga, I ain't mad atcha. Express Yourself is maybe one of my favorite songs and videos of ever.  I liked Madonna a whole lot better before she decided it was better to look like a freak than an old lady. I'm kind of embarrassed to look at her these days.

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Layne said...

TESTIFY! I am sort of mad at GaGa, just because Express Yourself is so much better.