Thursday, March 17, 2011

When Irish eyes are smilin'

Happy St. Patrick's Day! As someone who has now lived over 1500 days with a very rare, very Irish last name, I feel like I get to claim this holiday for my own.

And my baby! My baby is a little Irish lass, after all.

I got my hair dyed a very Irish sort of red yesterday to celebrate. Don't worry, I'm not a ginger. And we put some of that leak detecting dye in the toilets, so they are festively green after urine is introduced.

All that's left to do is drink some Guinness. Why there is no Bailey's in my coffee I can't account. Oh yeah, I'm not one of those total alcoholic-type stay at home moms.

Funny, I can specifically remember last St. Patrick's Day, and that Marlo was kicking me HARD all day. Funny that she used to live in my belly. She wouldn't fit so good now. She didn't fit so good then. I need to go see one of them Chinese doctors and get a couple inches added to my torso for the next one.

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Unknown said...

She needs a picture in her bib!!!!