Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cookie Monster got a raw deal

Feeding Marlo is a lot more complicated and less fun than I thought it would be. It's been an eye opening experience, for sure. All of a sudden I realize how weird it is to eat a bunch of crap food! How do we expect to live without nutrients in our diets?

I mean, I think I eat better than most of America. I don't, for instance, consider french fries to be a vegetable. But then again, my coffee is loaded with vanilla syrup. There are both Oreo cookies and M&Ms in my cupboard. But also Swiss Chard in the crisper. My bread is sourdough but my rice is brown. I have two fast food restaurants I eat from occasionally, but never McDonald's. You get the idea.

Actually, speaking of McDonald's, do you know I had my first McDonald's cheeseburger when I was 22 years old? That's something my parents did right. I don't think my parents ever took me there, I think the only time I had it as a child was at other kids' birthday parties. I remember going to Burger King once. We did go by Wendy's after school a fair amount for a Frosty, but it was still a treat, not dinner. Every once in a while, my mom would get a craving for fried chicken and we'd go to KFC. Point being, fast food was always a sometimes food.

But then, my parents also let me and my sister eat cookies for breakfast on weekends. Which is why I'm not freaking out too much about letting Marlo have sugar. I know plenty of kids who aren't allowed any sugar and they suck. Kidding! I mean, I don't see a huge difference in behavior, weight, fitness or intelligence between the kids I know who are allowed sugar and those who are not.

For now, I'm still sweatin' it. I am reading quaint and outdated passages in Super Baby Food advising that I will be able to find organic milk for my baby at the natural foods store. I am trying to cram as many vegetables as possible into the applesauce that is her true preference. But I'm telling you, I have a new understanding of those women who breastfeed their eight year-olds.


Mavis said...

I vaguely remember having to go to a Mc Donalds in Canada one summer and you eating a fish sandwich... it made you throw up. This was the same trip that a seagull left a prize from above on Leopards Girls head...

Good times :)

Layne said...

My mom sometimes ate pie or cookies for breakfast, and she turned out just fine. And we hardly ever ate out, either.