Saturday, December 12, 2009

By Way of Introduction

This is a blog I've been meaning to get started for a while now, which is really just an extension of a general intention to start blogging as a daily writing exercise. I have failed to master the art of applying the ass to the seat, as Dorothy Parker put it, and had a variety of excuses for that failure. I think the best one probably being that I couldn't think of a good name for a blog. Besides that, I have not written anything longer than a facebook status update for over a year now, and having been a pretty good writer for most of my life, I could not stand to think of posting sub-par compositions on the interweb for all to see.

So time went by and the blog failed to name itself or write itself, and morning after morning passed without waking to any revelation of the Perfect Thing to Write. I told myself that was fine because I didn't have anything important to say anyway, all the while reading other peoples' blogs and caring intently about the mundane little details of their lives, getting upset when I'd navigate to their pages and find no daily update. How could they?! Didn't they know I counted on them for my daily entertainment?!

Finally, I've come to realize that there is nothing to be done but to jump in. I'm not sitting down to write my 30 minutes every day (like I was going to, you see, to get back in writing shape before starting the blog) and I'm not coming up with any brilliant concepts just by wishing I would. The only way to go is to put this out there.

Luckily, the Universe has gifted me with a theme: I'm pregnant. Hence, the baby pork chop blog. You may be wondering "why baby pork chop?" which is a valid query. I am guessing that there will be more than a few people who stumble upon this blog in search of a delicious pork chop recipe who will be quite disappointed. Basically, Husband and I started calling the baby pork chop for some silly reason that I really can't recall and it stuck. If that's the sort of thing that you just "don't get," you're probably going to want to find another blog to read. If, on the other hand, you totally get that, you will probably get me in general and you'll want to bookmark this page.

Hopefully I'll come up with lots of interesting things to say and this will become one of your favorite blogs. At the very least I hope to have a fantastic record of my life in the last six months before I became somebody's mother. Worst case scenario I will never write another post - scratch that, worst case I write a bunch of dumb posts and all my friends laugh behind my back.

Either way, welcome, hope you enjoy it.

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