Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Roundup

I didn't really set out to keep a public food diary. I guess you can tell a lot about what else interesting I've got going on, seeing as all I want to write about is what I've been eating. Maybe once we find out the sex of the baby, or I start buying stuff, or I start to feel it move more regularly - maybe then food will take a backseat.

That being said, check out that bagel sandwich. It doesn't look like much - the iPhone picture doesn't do it justice. But that bagel sandwich is worth putting a cooler in the backseat of your car and driving to Bellingham. Which is what I did. WAIT. Before you think I'm too crazy, we had another, way better reason to drive to Bellingham yesterday. But you can never go to Bellingham without stopping at the Bagelry, a lesson learned from one of my Besties - a Bestie who got a sandwich of her own put in that cooler.

And there you have Eggs Benedict at The Cheesecake Factory.
Normally I avoid that place like the plague, which should give you some indication of the quality of people we were meeting there. It actually turned out to be quite good Bennies, worth the undercooked egg warning in every bite. Do you realize that my avoidance of The Cheesecake Factory is so pathological as to result in my husband having never eaten there before? I mean, granted, I've only known him for seven years, so it can't be all my fault. But something to think about. I wonder what sort of things my children will fail to experience growing up because of my neuroses.

*SPECIAL NOTE TO QUALITY PEOPLE (AND FAITHFUL READERS) WE MET AT CHEESECAKE: I actually have no real problem with Cheesecake Factory. I actually like the food. I just generally avoid it because of the twenty page menu and giant portions -- and the fact that they will give you cheesecake to go. I mean, that's not a problem now, but normally? That's a temptation I try to avoid.


Michelle said...

Glad to see you stepped out of your comfort zone for us...I thought it was a little strange/funny when Mo said he'd never eaten there before. And he seemed to really dig the french fries! Wondered what you had against that place. Hope it didn't disappoint! How was your cheesecake? It was great seeing you guys and catching up! Have to do it again soon.

dreaming and breathing said...

your blog makes me hungry.

oh and i voted boy because we have all the same food interests.