Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I didn't go to Arby's

I resisted the urge for Arby's last night, but that doesn't mean I have steered clear of temptation.
That, my friends, is a Sarducci's sub. An Italian sub to be precise. And it was my oh-so delicious lunch today. For those uninitiated, Sarducci's is a little strip mall sandwich shop in Kirkland, most famous for being the favorite lunch stop for members of the Seattle Seahawks - for years anyway, before they moved their training facility from Northwest College down to That Thing They Call the VMAC. So you can see how a place that keeps NFL linebackers coming back for more is also the perfect joint for a pregnant lady to frequent.

My sandwich of choice is the Italian, a symphony of pig in the form of ham, pepperoni and salami that somehow manages to bring in just a hint of the bologna flavor you remember - in a good way - from your childhood Oscar Mayer sandwiches. The meat trio is just pork fatty enough to give you a very contenting mouth feel, and it doesn't hurt that they slather (yes, slather, it really is the perfect word here, they use a spatula for crying out loud) the fresh made bread with mayonnaise and deli mustard. It is such a big, rich, satisfying sandwich that my eyes were too much bigger than my stomach for once and I still have a half waiting for me in the fridge.

But wait, you are saying, aren't pregnant women supposed to avoid cold cuts LIKE THE PLAGUE?!?! Aren't you in fact KILLING YOUR BABY WITH EVERY BITE?!?! Yes, listeria is a risk with cold cuts. Yes, some doctors say to avoid them completely. But reasonable -er, some- doctors, like mine, say that you can have cold cuts every once in a while as long as they come from a reputable establishment. If you have ever eaten a Sarducci's sandwich, then you understand that I trust those people like I trust my own family, because they feed me delicious food. And I figure that a sub every 2-3 weeks surely qualifies as "once in a while." I don't mean to offend by being glib about the health of my baby and my responsibility to keep pork chop safe, but c'mon...have you had one of these sandwiches?!

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