Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I love it when a plan comes together

Yesterday was a productive day on the Prep for Pork Chop front: I found a childbirth class.

I have been dragging my feet about signing up for such nonsense ever since the December appointment where my doctor said we should get signed up for classes. The problem was that I read some sort of "things I wish I knew about having a baby before I had a baby" list where someone's wish was that they knew that the best childbirth classes are not the ones offered at the hospital. That really stuck in my head, and I was having trouble seeing any of the classes offered by the hospital as anything but a part of their overall money making scheme. Yes, I am very cynical - blame it on the fact that I have both seen documentary
The Business of Being Born and read the book Pushed. If you know of a book called "Proof that Doctors are Your Very Best Friends and Hospitals Only Exist to Make You Happy" or something to that effect, please point me in the right direction and I'd be happy to read that as well.

My outlook changed for the better yesterday when I was directed to
this website. It is a good resource for anyone in the Seattle area looking to find a roundup of pregnancy and childbirth related services. DEFINITELY easier than trying to self-navigate the hospital class listings that all seem to have the same monkey for a webmaster. There is a childbirth class summary page which links you to all the various classes offered by different organizations and yes, hospitals. After a couple of hours of internet research, I decided to sign up for classes here.

These classes are crunchy. They are offered by a woman who has given birth in her home bathtub. She is a big believer in learning to let your body do what it's meant to do. Yes kids, you are hearing me correctly - I'm signed up to learn how to do this thing naturally. Why? Why would I want to do that? That's far too long a story to add to this already long post. But the short answer is: because it can't hurt to learn it.

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It's me ...Mavis said...

I never took a childbirth class... I was too afraid of weirdo people asking me strange questions... and hey... my kids turned out fine :) You'll do great... but here's a word of some point... they will ask you if you want to use a mirror... to see the baby crowning... just thought I'd prepare you for that one. Have a nice day :)