Friday, January 15, 2010

Three tacos a day keeps the doctor away

I mentioned my triple taco dinner from the other night...what I haven't mentioned until now is I've kept the triple threat going for three days now. Yup, tenia tres tacos para el almuerzo para las dos ultimas dias. Okay I admit - I leaned pretty heavily on the google translator for that one.

I feel vaguely guilty about this mini binge, but not really. Husband and I resolved to kick our Taco Bell habit for New Years, so my taco intake is at substandard levels anyway. Plus I figure nine homemade tacos is probably better than ANY number of Taco Bell tacos - and by better I mean mine are made of real, human grade food and not chemicals and dog food byproducts.

Plus, I make my tacos with turkey breast - the theory being that if they're lighter, you can eat more. And I do not waste my time with iceberg lettuce, oh no - I use green cabbage for my crunchy topper. I will not discuss the proportions of sour cream and cheese involved, however.
I am a lady, after all.


Leopard Girl said...

Your sour cream portions are fine. You-know-who's however, are not. Oh, and I had Tully's coffee cake today and I would give it a C+/B-

SuzieQ said...

omg I had the WORST/BEST/MOST cravings for burritos when I was pregnant with Paloma. It was all I could eat and think about.
Only women who have been pregnant can appreciate this: once we were in Sequim with my parents (I was pg with P and Ro was a toddler) and my parents and Todd went out to grab some food while I put Ro to bed. I said, "All I want is a burrito and that's all." They came home with mashed potatoes and green beans from Boston Market. I burst out in tears and was all, "I CAN'T eat this!!!!"
It was awful. There were no burritos to be found (they said!) so they brought home something vegetarian,which they thought would be a good substitute.
I didn't eat. I couldn't. It sucked...
I understand your taco obsession. I get it. I empathize and I love it.