Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My plans to become a shut in continue to run smoothly

My inaugural Amazon Fresh delivery came today!! It was a lot like Christmas, except instead of Santa in the chimney with toys from the sleigh it was a couple of guys on the doorstep with food from a truck. Just like with Santa, I kept looking out the window in anticipation of their arrival - but they swept in and made their delivery while my back was turned. Tricky, Amazon Fresh!

I have to say that overall I am very pleased with this operation. The tote boxes are a little heavy due to the inclusion of ice packs - which I have to store in the garage along with said totes until next time. There was also a little redundancy of packaging. If you dutifully pack along your little cloth totes when you grocery shop, you might be offended by the fact that a lot of things come in a plastic bag in a reusable insulated bag in a big plastic tote.

The upside of this, of course, is you get to open said bags like presents on Christmas morning - and what is more delightful than opening up a big bag of cheese?

Please try and be a grown up and ignore the obvious phallicity of this eggplant. Difficult I know, but I have a point here - the eggplant and the avocado were the two things I worried about most (well, except for the ice cream. The ice cream arrived packed with dry ice, so it was rock hard. Like the eggplant? Stop it.). Ahem.

The avocado I ordered was "large, ripe," and the one delivered seems apt. The eggplant I worried about because there were no such qualifiers in its description, so I really wasn't sure what I would get. But it is a fairly average sized eggplant (out of the gutter, geez) which will work for my eggplant parmesan/lasagna hybrid later this week.

We'll see how long the honeymoon lasts, but for now I think I will stick with Amazon Fresh for my grocery needs. The quality of produce and brands available are comparable to what I can get at my neighborhood (chain) store, and the prices are competitive. Orders over $75 get free delivery, and seeing as I spend about $100 a week, delivery charges shouldn't be an issue. Plus if you spend $300 a month you get free delivery with no minimums for the entire next month, which means I could order up some emergency ice cream and oreos and they would HAVE TO BRING IT TO ME FOR FREE. EVERY DAY.

It's not a time saver yet - between the time I spent ordering and unpacking, I don't think I saved any time over going to the grocery store myself. But that should improve as I set up an auto-list and generally learn the site better. By the time Chopita arrives I should be in the groove and avoid all the grocery-store-with-infant horror story scenarios I've heard so much about.

Amazon Fresh did not pay me for this post. But they probably should.


dreaming and breathing said...

That eggplant has got it going ON.

This is all very tempting... I may have to give it a go. Can you order meat? I guess I always thought it was just veggies... Now that I know I can order icecream....it seems like a lazy persons dream. Now it is even easier to stay at home and get fat.

Tori said...

you CAN order meat. Grass-fed organic natural free range meat even. It all comes frozen, which is sort of disappointing, but it makes sense from a liability standpoint.

Oh and the ice cream? You can order it by the case and get a discount. I shit you not. 6 cartons of dreyer's for 15% off. I would have done it, too, but the Husband gave me a Look.

Tori said...

Nevermind, I lied - there is fresh meat available.

Heidi said...

The meat selection is really great! They had 7 rib USDA Prime rib roast during the holidays--yum!