Monday, January 4, 2010

When life gives you leftovers...make brunch

I love the occasional steakhouse meal - but I hate having leftover steak. I like my meat good and bloody, so bringing it home and reheating it is never an appetizing premise. This year, since drinking heavily was out of the question, we rang in the New Year with an extravagant meal, and I couldn't bear to waste the leftovers. Luckily I was struck with a brilliant idea: Steak and Eggs Benedict.

First things first - make the hollandaise sauce. Because nothing goes better with eggs than three raw egg yolks and a stick of butter. I realized a little late that I should not be eating homemade hollandaise sauce, precisely because of the raw egg factor. Too far committed to back down, I vowed to buy egg beaters for next time.

Then you have to slice the steak leftovers reeeeeaal thin-like. Swat away all husbands and cats trying to steal pieces.

Put the sliced steak in a Ziploc bag, and trying to ignore all fears about plastics and food safety, place in some simmering water to heat through. This only takes a minute and should probably be saved for the end.

Meanwhile, rinse leftover asparagus of all congealed sauce-goo from the restaurant (it wants a dip in the hollandaise pool, too).

If you don't have any english muffins around, but you do have some cheap white bread because it is your guilty pleasure, use a pint glass to cut little rounds and toast them.

Top the little toasties with warmed steak slices, poached eggs that you forgot to photograph poaching...

...And then with liberal amounts of the raw egg and melted butter delight. Inhale while holding the plate two inches from your face and don't speak or pause until finished.


It's me ...Mavis said...

Holy Crap... REAL FOOD... I'm impressed...Wow... speechless actually.... The presentation is lovely too.

*Nice owl pajamas....

dreaming and breathing said...


SuzieQ said...

you are about to convert me to meat!